Our History

Bayou View Baptist Church has a great history that began in 1957 when there was a need for a church in the Bayou View area. This need led to the purchase of property at Washington Avenue and 48th Street. With 94 charter members, the mission of the church grew steadily, and a building program was set in place to expand the church’s capabilities.

In 1977, the church purchased property on 47th Street and Chamberlain Avenue. The church entered into a Together We Build program. Construction started in 1983, and in February 1984 the first services were held in the new facility.

In 1999, the church entered into the Touching Tomorrow Today building program. Building began and included adding more classrooms, an enlarged family life center, a modern food serving area, a large recreational area and a new office space for the church staff.

Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast in August 2005 and did considerable damage to the church facility. During the months that followed, our church was involved in housing and feeding hundreds of volunteers from all over the country. The family life building was converted into a worship center following the storm and was used as such until December 2006, at which time the worship service was moved back into the old sanctuary.

In 2008, we saw a need to expand our campus in an effort to reach more people for Christ. The church entered into theSacrifice for Service building program. The proposed plan included a new 10,750 sq. ft. sanctuary with 500 initial seats and room for future growth up to 750 seats, as well as additional parking spaces.

Through prayer, sacrifice and faith that God provides, Bayou View Baptist Church has a beautiful new sanctuary and invite YOU to join us as we Grow in God’s Word together!